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Palomino is an uninhabited island that is privately owned but can be visited as all beaches in Puerto Rico are public beaches. Most of the island is rented to El Conquistador Resort for their beach and water activities. It is very close to the coast of the main Puerto Rico island. It has incredibly clear waters and is a popular snorkeling destination. Tourists and locals alike love going to Icacos because it is quickly reached by boat. You can get from the marina to the island in usually less than 15 minutes.
Departure Port
Fajardo – Puerto Del Rey is the name of the marina that is the biggest and nicest in all of Puerto Rico. Most of the big boats are there. Plus, it is on the east coast of Puerto Rico which is where you want to depart from to reach other islands. There aren’t islands north of Puerto Rico and the western islands are just too far away. It is easier to drive or take a car to Fajardo from San Juan and then take a boat to the islands than it would be to take a boat to the islands all the way from San Juan.
Is this right for you?
It’ll take 45 minutes to an hour to drive to Fajardo, by car, from San Juan, but only 15 minutes by boat once you get to Fajardo. Palomino is good for both full-day and half- day trips. Because of its proximity to the main island, we recommend this destination if you only have a half-day or if you just don’t want to spend too much time out on the open water travelling to an island beach. Most of the boats can accommodate up to 12 guests. That number is set by coast guard regulations, not the size of the boat. If you are more than that, you may want to consider getting two boats. If you want to visit another island that is further and be a little more adventurous, choose another destination. If you don’t mind a 1 hour boat ride each way from Puerto Del Rey, consider Vieques or Culebra.
What is there to do there?

Palomino -

There are no buildings or services on Icacos unless you are staying at El Conquistador resort. Yet, it has a pristine beach with clear blue waters. You go there to snorkel (it is excellent there), relax on the beach or just hang out on the boat while it is at anchor. Depending on the day, you may see lots of other boats there. The weekends are certainly more crowded. For some, that’s a good thing as a lot of locals like to go to Palomino and it can be quite the party. On weekdays, you can expect a more relaxed atmosphere.

Which hours/time frame?

Palomino isn’t far from the marina so you can do either a half-day trip or a full-day trip.

Which boats are best for this destination?

Any of the boats can get you to Icacos.

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