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San Juan Harbor Cruise Private Boat Charters

Cruise San Juan Harbor Puerto Rico in a private yacht. Take a private sunset tour of San Juan Harbor, a private sunrise tour of San Juan Harbor or go out mid-day. Enjoy good music, good food and an open bar with your friends or family.

Departure Port

San Juan Harbor – The San Juan Harbor is, of course, in San Juan. Importantly, it is in-between historic Old San Juan and Condado. Odds are, if you are staying in San Juan on your vacation, you are staying in one of those two places. If you are anywhere in San Juan, you are less than a 10-minute Uber ride from the marina.

Is this right for you?

San Juan harbor is convenient and close if you are staying in San Juan. If time is important, this is a great option. We would also recommend this to anyone that gets seasick and wants to avoid the open ocean.


If you want to visit another island or a beach, we recommend choosing a different destination. San Juan harbor is really for people who want to see things from the boat and just have a party on the boat with beautiful sights only a few hundred feet away.

What is there to do there?

Experience the sightseeing of the most significant monuments in the island, the entire San Juan Bay, the Spanish fort of El Morro, the governor’s mansion of the Fortaleza, and the capitol building. Your harbor cruise will also include sightseeing of one of the business commercial ports in the Caribbean as well as ecological diversity with a beautiful Caribbean sunrise or sunset. 


The harbor cruise is also great for a booze cruise, a brunch, a lunch, a dinner or some combination of those! After showing you around, your captain and first mate will anchor the boat near the old Spanish fort El Morro and you can connect your phone to the boat’s Bluetooth and party with your friends and/or family.  

Which hours/time frame?

We would recommend choosing either 2 hours or 4 hours. It depends what you want to do. You don’t need to travel far so you don’t need more than that. If you want to anchor and party it up with your friends with the music blaring, go with 4 hours. If you just want to see the sights and have a light snack and a drink or 2, go with 2 hours.

Which boats are best for this destination?

We are currently offering the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage which is really perfect for a private tour of the entire port of San Juan. Why? It’s a floating party bus. There is lots of space to walk around, there is a nice bathroom, it has an incredible sound system, and there is ample seating. It may look like a fishing boat to those that don’t know but this is the top-of-the-line Boston Whaler. When you are on it, you’ll see what we mean by an open-air floating party bus!

Most sold add-ons for this destination

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